Routing with user-generated, collaboratively collected free geodata. This service is based on open standards by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Thanks to - please donate your geographic data to! OSM-Data for Routing:
Geocoder based on Nominatim
OSM-Data for POI-Search: nearly synchronous with OSM
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POI Search for Points of Interest
Calculates reachable regions in given time:
Accessibility Analysis
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First Europe-wide ...
- Route Service
- Pedestrian Routing including stairs, passways etc.
(as far as mapped by OpenStreetMap)
- Bicycle Routing
- Route Service completely based on OGC OpenLS standards.
- OpenLS Location Utility Service (Geocoder/ReverseGeocoder)
- Accessibility Analysis Service
- OpenLS Directory Service (POI search)
... based on user-generated, collaboratively collected free geodata.

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The services from OpenRouteService are also used in 3D within the project

Department of Geography (Chair of GIScience)
University of Heidelberg

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